Kyklos to be the jewel of Belval Central Square


The Kyklos will be the last building to shape the Central Square district around the Place des Bassins, in the heart of Belval in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Following an international architectural competition Atenor, Arηs Group and Agora designate the architecture firms HYP and UNStudio as the winners for the development of the Kyklos project which provides for more than 7,600 m² of offices as well as commercial spaces at the foot of the building. After the call for design applications launched in February 2023, 29 architects submitted a file.

When Atenor acquired the ground for the project (Lot 48) one year ago, at the same time, a 10-year lease agreement was signed with Arηs Group for the occupancy of all the offices spreading over 8 floors that meets the highest standards. Based in Luxembourg, Arηs Group specialises in the management of complex IT systems and projects.

For this last plot of land to be developed around the Central Square, Agora, Atenor and Arhs Group have high architectural ambition. With bold curvilinear geometry and large glass façades, and working spaces organised around a circular core, the Kyklos building embody a unique character combined with Belval industrial heritage of the former ArcelorMittal steel plant. It will complement the architectural landscape of the district.

Belval successful redevelopment into a urban centre encompassing a university and technological centre, residential and office spaces as well as hotels and retail, is largely due to Agora, a Luxembourg-based company specialising in transforming former industrial wastelands into harmonious, connected urban districts.