100,000 m2 of office spaces sold by Befimmo

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25 buildings representing in total around 100,000 m2 of office spaces are sold by Befimmo to developer Downtown Real Estate in partnership with the investment company Straco. They are investing 104 million euros for the acquisition. The buildings portfolio is a historical legacy of FEDIMMO, acquired in 2006, by Befimmo from the Belgian State. The occupants of the buildings are mostly public services.

Downtown Real Estate was founded in 2007 by Alexander Steyns, Jan De Kuyper and Werner Joris. After having recently acquired the shares of two initial structural partners Lifeworld.be (Serge Hannecart) and Immopro; with Carl-Philip de Villegas (Straco ) the three co-founders are eager to take action to grow their real estate development activities.