Mipim more international than ever

Tim Harrup

As the second totally ‘normal’ Mipim since Covid prepares to open exactly a month from today, organizers RX France have been setting out how the whole concept is becoming even more international in scope. This involves the number of countries from which exhibitors come.. A growing list of European and international exhibitors have confirmed their participation at Mipim, the organizers state.

The conference programme will be centered around the theme ‘Better Places – Greater Impact – Stronger Business’. This program will put the spotlight on ESG, innovation, and technology solutions able to accelerate the transformation of the built environment towards a more sustainable model. Mipim 2023 will feature six new stages, including the Road to Zero Stage, focused on pragmatic approaches to decarbonizing the real estate industry. And indeed, RX France go on to set out a list of at least 20 European countries from which individual cities are taking an exhibition stand to promote themselves to the international audience.

Outside Europe, Mipim is demonstrating its global reach through the participation of many territories. For the first time, a US delegation gathering key players from this market will be organized. Saudi Arabia, Japan, Canada, Republic of Türkiye, Qatar, and Egypt will also be strongly represented.

Nicolas Kozubek, Mipim Director, explains the international pull of the show: “Mipim continues to provide an unrivalled opportunity to access and unlock significant global capital, as evidenced by the number of cities and investors committed to the 2023 event. Mipim shows us the value of in-person, face-to-face discussions and meetings which are unique components for conducting business and securing vital investment. Together with our delegates, I look forward to discussing the best solutions to overcome the challenges our cities face whilst driving forward the real estate industry in what will be a crucial year for securing investment and delivering major projects and regeneration schemes.