Mipim embraces Co-Living

Tim Harrup

The emergence of co-living as a trend has started to make its way into the real estate sector as a niche segment. Now, however, it is receiving something of a badge of official status by having a seminar dedicated to it at Mipim. Mipim organizers RX France (formerly Reed Midem) have announced that in partnership with global association of co-living professionals Co-Liv, the Mipim Co-Liv Summit will be held on Monday 13th March, in the afternoon, the day before the traditional opening of MIPIM on Tuesday 14th March.

The new event, explain the organisers, responds to the rise of co-living, a form of residential development that provides shared living space for its residents. Cities such as Barcelona and London are leading the way by introducing legal frameworks for the construction of co-living developments as a means to unite private housing space with public shared spaces to build new communities and try to solve housing shortages.

The Mipim Co-Liv Summit, they go on to say, is to become a yearly event to bring together the sector’s leading players that will educate through sharing best practices and conference sessions on key trends, connect through networking events and ultimately empower the sector to deliver great places. Real Estate professionals from across the investor, developer, cities, architects, agents and consultant community are expected to attend. A separate €300 ticket will be available for non-Mipim delegates.

Mipim Director Nicolas Kozubek comments: “Launching the Mipim Co-Liv Summit will keep the Mipim community updated on current trends and investment opportunities on this emerging residential asset class. Co-living has the potential to address global issues around the shortage in housing many cities face by providing new, affordable lifestyle options for residents whilst providing dense, large-scale forms of living. As this new sector grows, it is crucial we share best practices, discuss new innovations, and work together to make the best possible places for residents. I look forward to hearing from the best and brightest in co-living in how we can drive this emerging sector forwards.

Co-Liv Director Gui Perdrix adds: “In 2022, co-living is no longer a niche activity in real estate. Major developers in European cities, coming from the student housing and hotel industries alike, have incorporated co-living developments in their roadmaps, and mainstream apartment platforms are incorporating co-living searches. The road is still long, but we hope Mipim Co-Liv Summit inspires new thinking for how co-living can flourish in the future.”