Luxembourg's Micheville eco-district making progress

Tim Harrup

In Luxembourg, it was recently announced that the Micheville eco-district located at Villerupt right on the French border is progressing and has reached another milestone. This follows a call for tenders by the public authorities (EPA) within the context of the major mobility hub to be positioned within the district.

The winning proposal, it has now been revealed, is that of French real estate developer Priams in collaboration with Luxembourg enterprises Cocoonut, Inowai and Moovee. As pointed out by, the development of this eco-district forms part of the ‘Operation of National Interest’ for the Alzette-Belval area. This will see the development of sites which include the former steelworks – now abandoned – and involving the communes of Villerupt, Audun-le-Tiche and Russange.

When it is completed the Micheville district will play a major part in increasing the housing stock of Luxembourg, as it will include 1,800 residential units. The mixed use aspect of this eco-district comes in the form of five principal pillars alongside the housing: culture, retail and mobility, an urban park, an economic activity zone and an educational function.

It is thus the retail and mobility aspect that is the subject of the recent announcement. The mobility hub will cover a total of some 15,000 m² and, all activities taken into account, will total around twice this amount of built floor area. Specific functions have already been announced: bakery, café, gardening centre, bicycle workshop… There will also be an 80-room hotel, a 1,800 m² co-working centre and 226 residential units with a 1,800 m² co-living centre. A student residence and a sports hall complete this particular pillar of the district. Mobility is clearly central, with electric bike hire, car-sharing and ride-sharing facilities, and public transport services contributing to an accent on reduced carbon emissions.

This pillar is scheduled for delivery starting in 2025. Many companies are involved in its design and construction, with the architectural aspect being mandated by the developers to MCBAD Colomer Dumont and Richter Architectes & Associates. Landscaping will be by Ateliers Jours.