Codic takes stock and adopts new logo at fifty

Tim Harrup

Brussels-based developer Codic has taken the opportunity of its half a century of existence (it was founded in 1970) to give itself a new corprate identity with a revamped logo and present its achievements here and its activities in other countries. It has also outlined its recent entry into the investment segment. The company is attempting to federate investment partners around investment opportunities which are profitable, sustainable and responsible. A well-conceived business plan and regular and transparent reporting are part of the investment package.

In terms of its strategy and ambitions, Codic says of itself that it is attentive to the aspirations and ambitions of cities, anticipating evolution. It also says it gives priority to being rooted locally and that it is able to invest in zones which may be under-estimated by others. Within the real estate sector it is active in offices, retail, housing and investment, and is financially solid thanks to a controlled approach to risk taking. The company has now developed a total of over 1.2 million square metres. Its philosophy for the various segments are summarized as developing high quality offices which anticipate new trends, transforming shopping areas into living experiences, and developing housing with the accent on well-being and designed for the world of tomorrow. Codic’s constructions are described as being made-to-measure and sustainable.

Among those projects already developed by Codic and which will be most familiar are Chancelier and Cortenbergh in the centre of Brussels. Elsewhere, Verona and Sonora office developments are taking place in Luxembourg, and Anneau Rouge and Newton (a wood construction) are located in the Ile de France, where Codic also has an office of its own. ‘Green Court Office’ in Budapest (Hungary), for its part, was voted Office of the Year in the country in 2021. Other retail and housing developments are also to be found in these countries.

Turning to the new coporate identity with a revamped logo, this is intended to show a desire for action through the exclamation mark, and a forward-looking vision with the strapline.