Mipim 2022: exhibitors sign up in force

Tim Harrup

Following a year without Mipim and a second when only a much reduced version was able to take place – focusing on conferences and with hardly any exhibitor stands – organizers Reed Midem are hoping for a ‘normal’ version in March of next year (15th to 18th) in Cannes. They have indicated that pre-reservations by exhibitors are already extremely promising.

In concrete terms, Reed Midem state that over 90% of Europe’s major cities from the 2019 (pre-Covid) event have signed up and that Mipim is therefore expecting the same number of exhibitors as in 2019. They also say that there is a ‘plethora of new international cities and countries looking to showcase their investment opportunities’. This news follows November’s announcement that all the major international brokers have signed up for Mipim2022.

Reed Midem lists 24 European countries (including Russia) which have already committed to stands, along with the cities involved. In our own region, the list includes: Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp, Wallonia region; Luxembourg: Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce; the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Haarlemmermeer. Ten French cities and eleven from Germany are also cited.

Ronan Vaspart, director of MIPIM, comments: “As we recover and look forward from the past two years, this promises to be one of the most important real estate events in recent memory, so it’s fantastic to have over 90% of Europe’s major cities signed up for Mipim 2022. They will joined by all the major international brokers and many political and industry leaders. Our clients have told us they want to see a full return to in-person networking events, so we’re full steam ahead in our planning for March, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to a safe and secure event as we did in Cannes in September.”

It is clear, of course, that the French government will need to allow this type of event to take place, but the major cities and countries are obviously feeling optimistic.