0.7 ha brownfield site put up for sale by SPI at Huy station


The territorial development agency for the Province of Liège (SPI) is selling a 0.72 hectare former industrial site strategically located next to the Huy train station along with its 400-space car park. The site is easily accessible by the major road bordering the Meuse. For decades, this site hosted the Charlier company, iron and scrap metal traders. SPI has cleansed the land before putting it up for sale.

Huy Station is located halfway along the railway line connecting Namur and Liège. The 7.200 m² plot of land put for sale benefits from an ideal location for setting up a new residential area. The town planning framework and the site’s reconversion program have been established in consultation with the City of Huy and the Walloon administration. In the future, it is set to principally accommodate affordable housing. A potential for activities and services oriented towards the silver economy has been identified on the basis of the socio-economic characteristics of the city and the district.

This call for tenders sets out in detail the exact conditions under which the conditional sale will take place, on the model of that which recently successfully framed the rehabilitation of the Hasard coal mine in Cheratte, to be redevelped by Thomas & Piron. A complete file including plans, photos and soil studies wille be provided by SPI to prospective buyers.

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