Increasing employee experience and productivity in a hybrid workplace

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Spacewell, a software and technology firm whose core business involves improving the performance of its clients’ building portfolios, has created an explainer video on how businesses can improve the (hybrid) workplace experience.

Many businesses today are reassessing their workplace space needs and looking for insights to optimize the office configuration and footprint. Another concern for workplace managers is how to create an employee-centric environment. In order to make the post-pandemic office an attractive destination and overcome any residual concerns over workplace safety, new features to enhance the employee experience are shaping the office.

The approach taken by many companies has been to deploy workplace apps that allow building users to make reservations, find colleagues, book services, request cleaning and maintenance, and even visualize indoor air quality metrics for their space. By sharing information and streamlining processes, these apps make the workplace experience more pleasant and productive. They can also give employees a greater sense of control as they transition back to the office.

When connected to IoT sensors and a big data processing and analytics platform, these apps can overlay real-time usage information on digital floor plans. Office users can see at a glance which spaces and desks are free or occupied, across different floors. This is not based on (sometimes unreliable) reservations info, but on live sensor data. Sensors detect presence and some can even count people anonymously. This information assists people to quickly find free spaces, locate team members, and avoid crowded floors. It allows employees to get the most from the building’s spaces and amenities, while also providing objective data to workplace managers. Data that they can use to optimize the overall space and its configuration.

If you are interested in learning more, watch this explainer video >>