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Recuperated heat for the King

The manner in which the royal palace and its outbuildings in Laeken are heated may not seem to be of particular interest. However, the most recent operation in this respect by the buildings’ owners – the State Buildings Agency (Régie des Bâtiments) – is a clear indication of an authority ‘practicing what it preaches’.Building owners of all types are encouraged to make their properties as efficient as possible in terms of reducing the use of non-renewable energies. In the case of the buildings on the royal domain at Laeken, the Régie is installing a system which makes use of the residual heat produced by the incinerator at Neder-over-Heembeek to heat the domain, including the famous greenhouses.

Laurent Vrijdaghs, Managing Director of the Agency, explains that this is a joint effort: “This sustainable project is the result of excellent collaboration between the Royal Palace, Brussels-Energy and the State Buildings Agency. Connecting to the heat network of the incinerator will enable not only a reduction in CO² emissions of 2,700 tonnes per year, but will also reduce energy costs for the royal domain. The objective is to have this system operative in time for the next season when heat is required”.

The State Buildings Agency also points out that it does everything it can to reduce energy consumption and CO² emissions in the public buildings it manages for the State. The works at Laeken started in January of this year and are scheduled to be finished in September. They involve adapting the ten heating units of the domain and connecting them to the incinerator system. The laying of pipes has required digging very substantial trenches in the domain.
Tim Harrup
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