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Brussels Greenbizz
North District

Surface Area
Building 1 : Greenbizz 8.219 m2 :
incubator for companies 2.827 m2
+ production workshops 5.392 m2
Building 2 : production workshops 4.500 m2
Completition 2015/2016


Greenbizz opens with a new overall project name

Greenbizz is part of a large-scale redevelopment project now called Tivoli Green City in the city centre, which schedules the building of an eco-district of 450 residential units on a site of almost 4.5 hectares extending from the Rue Lefèvre to the Rue Tivoli and from the Rue de Molenbeek to the Rue Claessens in Laeken. This new publicly funded sustainable neighbourhood will include both housing and economic facilities, and responds to the desire of the public authorities to bring new life to urban areas through mixed function developments. The part of the site to be dedicated to businesses and totalling 12,900 m² will be located along the Rue Lefèvre and will act as a transition between the new residential district and the TIR centre close to Tour & Taxis, thus demonstrating that it is possible to develop a business project in an inhabited zone.

Incubator for companies and production workshops

The project will comprise two buildings set around a new public plaza. One building with a floor area above ground of just over 8,000 m², accommodates the Brussels Greenbizz project which includes an incubator for companies with an environmental vocation, and production workshops. This was officially opened at the end of March, by four Brussels ministers, and already has eight occupants. The other building, with a floor area of 4,500 m² above ground and adjacent to the first, will be used for production workshops (ground floor) and areas for the production of non-material goods (upper floors). The Greenbizz building is funded by the European fund FEDER (almost 17 million Euros), while the other building is financed by a private investor.


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