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We Are Real Estate unveils more details

(Image: Brussels Expo)
(Image: Brussels Expo)

In advance of its inaugural trade show to be held at Brussels Expo on May 22nd and 23rd, We Are Real Estate has announced a major event. In partnership with the ULI, Real Estate Society and KU Leuven, W.A.R.E. is to provide a comprehensive content program, completed with exhibitor presentations. Each visitor to We Are Real Estate will also be able to set up a personal content schedule. Combined with the visit to the exhibitors, W.A.R.E. is thus hoping to guarantee each participant a productive show.

One of the keynote events to have already been announced is the ULI Real Estate Debate. W.A.R.E. describes this as no speakers, no presentations, but a closed-door discussion on several real estate and urban topics where everyone can participate and interact with everyone in the room. It is destined for real estate and urban developers professionals (investors, developers, lenders, etc.) who want to share their ideas to improve habitats and cities.

This event, the organisers go on to say, is an exchange views on the main takeaways to emerge from the ULI Belgium Annual Conference scheduled for a week earlier, May 16th, in Brussels.The main topics covered are expected to be inclusive growth for cities, wellbeing and affordable housing, climate change and big data in real estate.

Tim Harrup

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