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Rogier (Dexia) Tower to be sold?

Flemish newspaper De Tijd has reported that Belfius Bank (formerly Dexia Bank Belgium) may be considering selling the Rogier Tower (also formerly the Dexia Tower), some 85,000 m² of offices located on the Place Rogier in Brussels. The objective of any such sale would be to raise 225 million Euros. The Flemish Region is believed to be interested, in order to bring together its services in a building with sufficient ‘status’. This would be a good transaction for the Region, which is also a shareholder in Belfius Bank. Another potential buyer is believed to have come forward – the European Commission.

French speaking newspaper Le Soir has interviewed Belfius spokesperson Monieck Delvou on this subject. She confirmed that some 30,000 m² of space would be liberated in 2012 in the three remaining Belfius buildings in Brussels – Rogier Tower, Pacheco and Galilée. A further 20,000 m² are to be added to this by 2014 as a result of the dismantling of the Dexia group, and the increasing amount of tele-working and new work space organisation. She did not contradict the information concerning the sale of the Rogier Tower, but prudently referred to it as ‘abn option’.

The Dexia Tower, renamed Rogier Tower since March 1st following the change of name and logo of Dexia Bank Belgium . <br> photo - Bernard De Keyzer
The Dexia Tower, renamed Rogier Tower since March 1st following the change of name and logo of Dexia Bank Belgium .
photo - Bernard De Keyzer

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| 20/03/2012

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