BELGIAN BUILDINGS AGENCY (Regie der Gebouwen / Régie des Bâtiments)
Avenue de la Toison d'Or 87 b 2
BE-1060 Brussels
TEL 0032 (0)2 541 65 11
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Laurent Vrijdaghs
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Laurent Vrijdaghs
Laurent Vrijdaghs

Marie-Caroline Pardon
Marie-Caroline Pardon
Director-general Clients

Brussels (HQ), Antwerp, Hasselt, Leuven, Ghent, Bruges, Namur, Liège, Arlon, Mons, Nivelles

Number of staff : Around 1000

Year of foundation : 1971
Future Council of the EU
Charleroi - Courthouse
Ghent - State archive
Milano - EXPO 2015 - Belgian pavilion
Brussels - Royal Theatre 'La Monnaie - De Munt'



The Belgian Buildings Agency
The real estate expert of the federal state

Founded in 1971 as a semi-independent governmental organization, the Belgian Buildings Agency provides qualitative office accommodation for federal public servants and manages the national architectural heritage.

Integrity, professionalism, team spirit and responsibility are its core values.

The Agency manages about 7,3 million m² in real estate, devided over some 1 170 sites. About 814 of them are owned by the Federal state (about 4.6 million m²), 354 sites are rented (about 2.7 million m²).

For the federal public servants, the Agency either rents office blocks of high quality, or it operates as a property developer. When renting offices, the needs of the clients are carefully analysed. For newly constructed buildings, particular attention is paid to the global architectural quality of the building plans. This quality is assessed, among other things, in terms of functionality, expected operating lifetime, aesthetical quality, urban integration within the existing environment, construction costs, maintenance costs and sustainable energy consumption.

The Agency continues to develop its know-how in real estate, facility and construction and renovation management. 

The federal heritage includes several buildings of architectural and historic interest, such as the site of the Cinquantenaire with the Cinquantenaire Museum. This patrimony is administered by the Belgian Buildings Agency, which guards over the preservation of these monuments and unique buildings, which refer to Belgium’s rich past and culture. The opera house La Monnaie, the Palace of the Academies, the Musical Instruments Museum, the Belgian Royal Museums of Fine Arts, the Halle Gate and the Centre for Fine Arts are just a few examples of this commitment.

The Agency is also responsible for the various commitments of the Belgian state to provide office accommodation for international organizations such as the European Schools (European Commission) or the Council of the European Union. Besides, the Agency gives permanent advice and support in the field of building and public contracting to the Commissioner of the Belgian governement for the creation and the construction of the Belgian pavilion for the universal Expositions.

The realization of each project is always the result of a successful collaboration between the different partners.

Quality service and a specific and unique expertise in the fields of real estate, facility and construction & renovation make the Belgian Buildings Agency the real estate expert of the Federal State.


  • Real estate management

  • Facility management

  • Construction and renovation: stability, concrete and steel studies, infrastructure, special construction procedures, VRD, etc.

  • Engineering: Hvac, electricity, electro-mechanics, fire prevention, technical building management, energy management, environmental audits, special systems (IT, telephone, etc), restoration techniques, etc.

  • Project Management : public procurement procedures, calls for tender, budget, timescale, space planning, quality control, etc.

References - clients

  • Federal Ministries

  • Federal Public Services (Personnel and Organisation, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Budget and Management Control, Information and Communication Technology, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Home Affairs, Finance, Justice, Mobility and Transport, Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, Social Security, Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy)

  • Federal Public Planning Services (Social Integration, Fight against Poverty and Social Economy, Sustainable Development, Science Policy)

  • Fedasil

  • State Archives

  • Royal Palaces (Brussels and Laeken)

  • European schools in Belgium (European Commission)

  • Council of the EU (Justus Lipsius - Residence Palace)

  • Academia Belgica (Rome – Italy)

  • Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre (Paris – France)

  • World and International Exhibitions (Milan 2015, Shanghai 2010, Saragossa 2008, Aïchi 2005, Hannover 2000)

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